» Personal Data

Age 31 years
Country Germany
Gender Male
Name Florian

» Hardware

Mainboard ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming
Soundcard Creative Sound Blaster Z
Graphiccard Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 Gaming G1
RAM 16 GB G.Skill RipJaws V DDR4-3000
PSU Corsair RMx Series 80+ Gold 650W
Case Enermax Thormax Giant
CPU Intel Core i7-6700K
HDD Seagate Desktop 3000GB
SSD Samsung SSD EVO 850 250GB
OS Windows 10 64-Bit
Connection Unitymedia 3play Premium 400 MBit/s
Headset SteelSeries Siberia v2.0 Black
Keyboard HyperX Alloy Elite
Mouse Zowie ZA11
Mouse Bungee Roccat Apuri
Mousepad Xtrfy XTP1-L4-GT-1
Monitor BenQ XL2430T, Samsung SyncMaster B2230H
Speaker Bose SoundLink Mini II
Console XBox 360 E 500GB Black
TV Samsung UE65KU6099 (65″) , LG 47LA6208 (47″)

» Favorite …

Drinks Dr Pepper
Food Chinese
Games Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Quake Champions, Rocket League, World of Warcraft
Movie Ip Man
Music Rammstein
TV Serie Breaking Bad, Prison Break, The Simpsons



» Cherti’s WildStar Characters

50 ChuaSpellslingerSoldier Cherti
1 DrakenWarriorSettler Kherty


» Cherti’s Guild Wars 2 Characters

80 Asura Elementalist Cherti
80 Asura Necromancer Iaret
23 Norn Warrior Kherty


» Cherti’s World of Warcraft Characters

100 Orc Warlock Cherti Affenjungs INC → For the Horde → kiNeTigger
110 Troll Priest Iaret / Derpriester Mythic+ Season 7.2.0 – 7.3.2
110 Bloodelf Paladin Pachet Twink
100 Orc Warrior Kherty Twink
100 Tauren Druid Apis Twink
100 Tauren DeathKnight Kek Twink
100 undead Rogue Spike Twink
100 Troll Mage Imhotep Twink
90 Pandaren Monk Mahaf Twink
70 Orc Warrior Destrudo The Burning Crusade main character
60 Gnome Mage Gizmo Twink
60 Undead Priest Crucify Twink
60 Dwarf Warrior Zephanja 1st World of Warcraft character